How To Install Moka Icon Theme In Linux

Insight: How To Install Moka Icon Theme In Linux These days there are plenty of icon themes available for Ubuntu and other Linux based operating systems. It help us to…

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Install Pantheon In Ubuntu

How To Install Pantheon On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

There are plenty of desktop environment for Linux available in the Internet. Pantheon is one of them which is default desktop environment in Elementary OS. Meanwhile, Gnome is going to…

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Install Flat Remix Gnome Theme

Insight: How to install flat remix gnome theme Flat Remix is beautiful GNOME theme. It is a simple shell theme. Based on material design methodology, it uses “flat” colors with…

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Install Shadow Flat Icon Theme For Gnome 3.10+

Insight: Methods To Install Shadow Icon Theme Shadow is a flat icon-theme for gnome 3.10+. If you prefer long shadow effect in your icons then Shadow is the best option…

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Install Elementary Icon Theme On Ubuntu

How To Install Elementary OS Style Icon Theme On Ubuntu

Insight: Methods to install elementary OS style icon theme on ubuntu 18.04 Elementary OS is considered as a one of the beautiful theme. Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu Operating…

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Install arc theme

How To Install Arc Theme

Arc theme is an amazing flat theme. It can be easily integrated in various desktop environments like GNOME, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, Xfce, MATE, etc. For now, This theme is available…

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Install Windows 10 GTK Themes In Linux 2018

Windows operating system is one of the most used popular systems in the world right now. There is do doubt that windows is leading the race in the desktop segment…

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Install Papirus Icon Theme

How To Install Papirus Icon Theme On Linux 2018

Insight: Install Papirus Icon Theme On Linux Papirus is one of the amazing theme available for linux. If you are looking to spice up your default linux themem then papirus…

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Best KDE Plasma Themes for KDE Desktop In 2018

Insight: List of best kde plasma themes for kde desktop environment. There are various desktop environment available for linux based distros. Among many of them, KDE is also widely used…

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Best Gnome Shell Extensions

7 Best Gnome Shell Extensions For Your Ubuntu Gnome

In this post, we are listing out 7 best gnome shell extensions for ubuntu gnome desktop. If you are planning to customise your Ubuntu Gnome Desktop, then this post is…

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