Best FREE cPanel Alternatives For 2019

Best FREE cPanel Alternatives For 2019
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Insight: List Of Best Free cPanel Alternatives For 2019
What Is cPanel?
cPanel is one of the popular web-hosting management control panel. It is Linux-based web hosting control panel. It’s graphical user interface is very user friendly and easy to use. In short, cPanel is a web based software to manage your web hosting. It helps to automate hosting procedure.

List Of Best Free cPanel Alternatives For 2019

1. Webmin:

It is a web-based system administrating  tool where you can manage Apache, DNS, file and etc. It is one of the best alternative to cPanel. Webmin is loaded with tons of useful features. It has user friendly interface from where you can perform your web hosting tasks.

Download Webmin

For Ubuntu Installation, Please visit this post

2. CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel is a Free Web Hosting management control panel tool. CWP or CentOS Web Panel  is specially designed for the dedicated & VPS servers management. It can be considered as an another cPanel alternative.

Download CentOS

3. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is an open source web hosting control panel software. It helps you to manage multiple services from one single control panel. You can also create free SSL certificates with Let’s encrypt directly from within ISPConfig.

Download ISPConfig

4. Ajenti

Ajenti is an open source and Linux & BSD based web admin panel. It is lightweight web-hosting management tool which also runs on low-end systems.

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Download Ajenti

5. YunoHost

YunoHost is based on debian and has a friendly web admin tool. According to the developer’s website, It says that it is a server operating system. You can easily manages domains, install apps, install free SSL and many more.

Download YunoHost

6. Vesta CP

Written in a bash, Vesta CP is a beautiful web-hosting management tool. It is an open source hosting panel.

Download Vesta CP

7. Froxlor

Froxlor is also an opensource lightweight server management tool.  Often considered as an alternative to Webmin, Froxlor is in-fact a perfect software if you are looking for an alternative to cPanel. Let’s encrypt free ssl feature is also integrated with this tool.

Download Froxlor

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