Linux Kernel 5.19 Officially Released

Linux Kernel 5.19 Officially Released

Linux Kernel 5.19 is now officially available. As usual, Linus made an announcement regarding the availability of Linux Kernel 5.19.

Linus Says:

So here we are, one week late, and 5.19 is tagged and pushed out.

The full shortlog (just from rc8, obviously not all of 5.19) is below,
but I can happily report that there is nothing really interesting in
there. A lot of random small stuff.

In the diffstat, the loongarch updates stand out, as does another
batch of the networking sysctl READ_ONCE() annotations to make some of
the data race checker code happy.

Other than that it's really just a mixed bag of various odds and ends.

On a personal note, the most interesting part here is that I did the
release (and am writing this) on an arm64 laptop. It's something I've
been waiting for for a _loong_ time, and it's finally reality, thanks
to the Asahi team. We've had arm64 hardware around running Linux for a
long time, but none of it has really been usable as a development
platform until now.

It's the third time I'm using Apple hardware for Linux development - I
did it many years ago for powerpc development on a ppc970 machine.
And then a decade+ ago when the Macbook Air was the only real
thin-and-lite around. And now as an arm64 platform.

Not that I've used it for any real work, I literally have only been
doing test builds and boots and now the actual release tagging. But
I'm trying to make sure that the next time I travel, I can travel with
this as a laptop and finally dogfooding the arm64 side too.

Anyway, regardless of all that, this obviously means that the merge
window (*) will open tomorrow. But please give this a good test run
before you get all excited about a new development kernel.

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