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Deepin Linux 20.3 is now official as you can now download the latest version of Deepin Linux. One of the exciting features that you will see in Deepin Linux 20.3 is its kernel as it is powered by Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS. Meanwhile, Linux kernel 5.10 LTS is kept as the default kernel in this release.

Deepin Linux 20.3 Is Out With Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS

New features and optimizations
  1. Optimized: the minimum scale of volume in the Dock.
  2. Added: a shortcut for the Global Search, which also supports searching markdown files.
  3. Optimized: playback pause logic of multimedia files after Bluetooth disconnection.
  4. Optimized: if the extended mode is selected under the multi-display environment, in the context menu of the Dock, you can set how to display the Dock on multiple displays.
  5. Optimized: the time and date in the Control Center.
  6. Optimized: Bluetooth pairing prompts.
File Manager
  1. Added: the mounted Samba shares are permanently shown in the left panel and the computer page.
  2. Added: the computer page can be finally reached by pressing the Backspace key.
  3. Optimized: change the context menu “Log out and unmount” to “Clear saved password and unmount” for remote mountings.
  4. Optimized: change the fallback path from “Home” to “Computer” after ejecting removable devices.
  5. Optimized: selection logic when pressing the Ctrl/Shift key and dragging the mouse.
  6. Added: in the list view, columns can be dragged to change the order.
  7. Added: the color for the current tab.
  1. Added: decoding settings.
  2. Added: ffmpeg supports NVIDIA graphics cards.
  3. Added: video information interface.
  4. Optimized: prompts for abnormal audio and video playback.
Screen Capture
  1. Added: the preview of scrollshots.
  2. Added: OCR support of scrollshots.
  3. Optimized: the save paths of screenshots and video recordings.
  4. Added: take scrollshots and support manual and automatic scrolling.
  5. Draw
  • Added: dimension settings for exported pictures.
  • Optimized: the eraser functions.
  • Optimized: the display effect of imported pictures.
Some of the Bug fixes
System Installer
  1. Updated: updated the GRUB EFI program to generate EFI files with the latest version of GRUB.
  2. Fixed: the boot loading failure of Xen.
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  1. Fixed: in the Bluetooth module of the Control Center, the edited names of Bluetooth devices cannot be saved and the input box did not work normally.
  2. Fixed: applications installed by deb packages cannot be uninstalled correctly in the launcher.
  3. Fixed: the slow response when switching from the Control Center to the Notification Center.
  4. Fixed: the time was not completely shown in the Dock after the font size was adjusted.
  5. Fixed: results were shown when there was no result actually in the Global Search.
  6. Fixed: woke up the computer from the suspend mode and entered the correct password, but the system cannot be entered in.

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