Rocky Linux 8.5 is now availlable for the download. Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5. It  inherits many of the new features from RHEL 8.5. This is the first release of Rocky Linux with official Rocky Linux signed Secure Boot shim.

After installing Rocky Linux 8.5, please log in and run these commands to validate secure boot shim:

$ sudo dnf install -y keyutils

$ sudo keyctl show %:.platform

$ sudo mokutil --sb

You can download Rocky Linux 8.5 from the official website of the Rocky Linux.

CentOS Alternative Rocky Linux 8.5 Is Out Now

Some of the changes that you will see on Rocky Linux 8.5:

New Modules

nginx 1.20
Node.js 16
Ruby 3.0

Updated Components

Squid to version 4.15
Mutt to version 2.0.7
PHP to version 7.4.19

Compilers and Development tools

LLVM Toolset 12.0.1
Rust Toolset 1.54.0
GCC Toolset 11
Go Toolset 1.16.7

OpenJDK updates

Open Java Development Kit 17 (OpenJDK 17) is now available.
OpenJDK 11 has been updated to version 11.0.13.
OpenJDK 8 has been updated to version 8.0.312.

You can easily Migrate to Rocky Linux 8.5. If you are using Rocky Linux 8.4 Stable to 8.5, then run the following command to upgrade to latest version:

$ sudo dnf -y upgrade
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