Fedora 33

Fedora 33 Beta is now officially available leading towards the planned Fedora 33 release at the end of October.

Some of the features in Fedora 33 beta:

  1. In Fedora 33 Beta, you will the system using BTRFS as the default filesystem.
  2. Fedora 33 Workstation Beta includes GNOME 3.38.
  3. With Fedora 33 Beta, Fedora IoT is now an official Fedora Edition.
  4. Fedora 33 Beta defaults to using nano as the editor.
  5. Fedora 33 Workstation Beta also provides better thermal management and peak performance on Intel CPUs.
  6. Fedora 33 KDE Beta enables earlyOOM by default.
  7. .NET Core will now be available on Fedora on aarch64.
  8. The httpd module mod_php is dropped.

Fedora 33 Beta Released


Download the Fedora 33 Beta from the link below:

Download the Fedora 33 Beta variants:

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