Guy Behind The Custom Linux Distro For ISIS Arrested

Insight: Guy Behind The Custom Linux Distro For ISIS Arrested

The guy behind the custom Linux distro for the terrorist organization ISIS has been arrested. FBI has arrested a 20-year-old student from Chicago named Thomas Osadzinski who is also a computer science and software development student at DePaul University. He has been charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist group.”

Guy Behind The Custom Linux Distro For ISIS Arrested

Summary of investigation:

As described in more detail below, in or about and between June 2018
through November 2019, OSADZINSKI attempted to provide material support and
resources, specifically services, including expert advice and assistance, to ISIS, a
designated foreign terrorist organization. Speci?cally, OSADZINSKI designed a
process that used a computer script that directed Social Media Platform 1 bots to copy
and save ISIS of?cial media content in order to help ISIS spread its message and
make its materials more available to its supporters. This process sorted and
categorized large volumes of official ISIS media content according to speci?ed
criteria, and copied it to other Social Media Application 1 environments created by
OSADZINSKI, Where they were preserved and could be more conveniently accessed
and disseminated by other users. Without script, the transfer of
videos from one channel to another must be done manually, by copying each ?le
individually. This process can take an extensive amount of time, depending on the
media type, size, user internet speed and other factors. script
eliminated the need to perform these tasks manually.

Social Media Platform 1 and social media platforms routinely remove
ISIS media content due to the violent nature of the content. ISIS and its supporters
reproduce, save, and disseminate the group?s propaganda material to as wide an
audience as possible in order to recruit and inspire attacks against the United States

and other Western countries. script automatically and rapidly copies.
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