Useful Best GNOME Desktop Extensions In 2021

Let’s quickly look at the list of the best GNOME desktop extensions people are using now!

Here are our recommended GNOME shell extensions for you. Some of the extensions that we are going to discuss might not be supported by GNOME.

Useful Best GNOME Desktop Extensions Updated

1. Dash To Dock

Useful Best GNOME Desktop Extensions In 2020

Let’s our list with the Dash To Dock Gnome desktop extension. It is one of the popular and widely used Gnome extensions. It moves the default dash out of the overview and transforms it into a dock.

2. Window-List

Like Dash to Dock, this extension displays a window list at the bottom of the screen.

3. TaskBar 2020

TaskBar 2020 is a dock-like Windows list on the top/bottom bar where you can tune your desktop with various options.

4. OpenWeather

Valid Gnome extension to display the weather information from various parts of the world right on your desktop.

5. TopIcons Plus

It’s a fantastic extension that brings all icons back to the top panel.

6. GSConnect

GSConnect is a complete implementation of KDE Connect. It allows devices to securely share content like notifications or files and other features like SMS messaging and remote control.

7. Screenshot Tool

This extension lets you grab an area of the screen, a window, or the whole desktop so that you can take a screenshot.

8.  System monitor

Displays CPU usage, memory usage, and network traffic.

We shall keep updating lists of more best gnome desktop extensions.

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