How To Put A Saddle On A Horse In Minecraft

How to Put a Saddle on a Horse in Minecraft

You must be a Minecraft fan and a crazy player who likes to do different things on Minecraft. There are tons of crazy and engaging activities that you can do on Minecraft. Riding horses is one of the most engaging and fun activities and obviously, a game with a riding horse feature can be a crazy user engaging game. In Minecraft, riding horses is even more fun.

Today, we will show you the steps to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft.  Before riding a horse in Minecraft, there are a few things to do and those things are like getting or finding the horse, taming it, putting a saddle on it and similar other steps that you need to complete to ride a horse in Minecraft.

Let’s have a look into the process of finding a saddle and putting a saddle on a horse in Minecraft.

How To Put A Saddle On A Horse In Minecraft

Find a saddle on Minecraft:

At First, we need to get a saddle, and if you don’t know how to get a saddle in survival mode then don’t worry we will show you the method to get a saddle on Minecraft. We can’t craft a saddle, but we can use different add-on packs to make a saddle in Minecraft. You can explore the underground world and explore dungeons to get the saddle from a chest or you can go in the nether world to find the saddle in the chests of Nether Fortress. You can also find the saddle from the underwater treasure chests.

After finding the saddle, you need to find a horse in Minecraft. You can find it by exploring the world. Now after getting a horse you need to pamper it by providing foods like grass, carrots, fruits, etc. Now, your horse will be ready for you and will give you the option to mount.

Now you need to open the chest option where you can put a saddle on the first section of the chest option and armor on the second section of the chest. Now you can ride the horse and enjoy your game.


In this post, you can find the process to find a saddle on Minecraft and put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft. Follow our blog post on Minecraft and other games to learn many tips and tricks about Minecraft. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment box below.

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