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Vim is a popular cross platform text editor. It is an improved version of the vi editor, which is popular among the Linux users. Vim is also often called as a “programmer’s editor”.

According to the official website, VIM is a tool, the use of which must be learned.

In this post, We have collected various VIM resources which can be useful for the beginners to learn VIM.

Learn VIM: VIM Tutorials For Beginners

Let us know if anyone the link mentioned below is broken or not available. These are very useful list of resources and online tutorials of VIM.

Video Resoures:

1. Learn to Love Vim Text Editor :-This is a Youtube video tutorial for the beginner level of VIM users.

2. Vim Basics :-Vim video tutorials by Derek Wyatt.

3. Learning Vim – This is also an important video resources by Mike Coutermarsh. It helps you to start VIM right from the scratch.

4. Vim – Precision Editing – Video tutorials from . It helps you to understand VIM properly.

1. Vim Tutorial – The official Vim documentation resources. Useful for beginner to expert level of users.

2. Vim Adventures – This tutorial helps you to learn VIM by playing an online puzzle game.

3. Vim Genius – Vim Genius is also a game which helps you to learn VIM by playing game. This a flashcard style game.

4. A Byte of Vim –  A Byte Of Vim is a free PDF ebook to learn Vim. Download it and learn it.

5. Vim Cheat Sheet – This is one of the important VIM cheat sheet. You can save it or print it for your reference.

6. OpenVim – An interactive online tutorial for learning VIM. It helps you to learn the very basics of Vim. You can even test your skill by practicing the lessons.

Let us know if you have other useful resources link for Vim. We would love to mention it here.

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