The codename of Ubuntu 21.04 has been revealed and it is Hirsute Hippo. Along with the codename development of Ubuntu 21.04 is now officially started.

Ubuntu developer Matthias Klose posted a message over Ubuntu developer mailing list regarding the announcement:

Hirsute Hippo is now open for development, with the uploads collected in the
queue now approved, and syncs from unstable enabled.

The development version starts with one change:

 - Python 3.9 is now added as a supported Python3 version, with the
   goal to ship Python 3.9 as the only Python3 version in hirsute.

Please check your uploads in a hirsute chroot, don't just test in a focal or
groovy environment.  See [1] or [2] how to setup such a development chroot.

Some major changes planned for this cycle are mentioned in the Hirsute release
schedule [3].
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