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5 Best Lightweight Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi In 2023

Let’s have a look at the list of the useful and best lightweight operating systems for Raspberry Pi.

5 Best Lightweight Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi In 2023

Raspberry Pi OS Lite

One of the best-operating systems for the Raspberry Pi is Raspberry Pi OS Lite. This is a “headless” operating system.


piCore is the Tiny Core Linux’s Raspberry Pi version. It is extremely lightweight as it is just under 90MB in size.



DietPi is based on Debian Linux. Along with Raspberry Pi, It is also available for Odroid, Pine boards, and ASUS Tinker Board.

Download: DietPi for Raspberry Pi.



This is a lightweight distro you can run on the Raspberry Pi. One of the interesting facts about this operating system is that it is not related to Linux.

Download: RISC OS for Raspberry Pi.


This is the Raspberry Pi edition of Puppy Linux. This is an extremely lightweight operating system for the Raspberry Pi. Meanwhile, It doesn’t officially support the compute module.

Download: Raspup for Raspberry Pi.




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