Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Every User Must Know [ Bash Commands]

Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Every User Must Know
Written by itsubuntu

Insight: Basic Linux Terminal Shortcuts Every User Must Know [ Bash Commands]

It’s always good to have some knowledge on Linux terminal shortcuts. It will reduce your time and increase your efficiency too.

Let’s See Some Of The Useful Linux Terminal Shortcuts

Ctrl+FMoves the cursor forward one character.
Ctrl+CThis command cancels the currently running command.
Ctrl+DThis command logs out of the current session.
Ctrl+BMoves the cursor backward one character.
Ctrl+HErase one character.
Ctrl+PPaste previous line.
Ctrl+UErases the complete line.
Ctrl+Alt+LIt locks the screen.
Ctrl+SStops all output on-screen (XOFF).
Ctrl+QTurns all output stopped on-screen back on (XON).
Ctrl+WDeletes the last word typed. For example.

Some other useful shortcuts are:

    1. Ctrl + Shift + F: Search
    2. Super+A: This command shows the list of applications.
    3. Alt+f1: It opens the system menu.
    4. Shift+Del: permanently deletes.
    5. Alt+Tab: It switches between open applications.
    6. CTRL+ALT+DOWN: List the open applications on the current workspace.
    7. Ctrl+A : All selection.
    8. Alt+F2: Pop up the command window.
    9. Alt+Esc: This command switches between the windows in the current workspace.
    10. Alt+PrtScr: It takes a screenshot of a window.
    11. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R: Start and end screen-cast recording.
    12. Down Arrow / Ctrl + N: It takes back to a more recent command
    13. Ctrl + K: It deletes from the current cursor position to the end of the line.
    14. Ctrl + U: It deletes from the start of the line to the current cursor position in the terminal.
    15. Alt + C: It capitalizes letter where cursor is and moves to end of word


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