Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station Finder Apps In United States Of America

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station Finder Apps In the United States Of America

One of the biggest challenges for EV owners is to find the nearest electric vehicle charging stations when they are on move. Thanks to the number of apps that are helping EV owners to find the nearest charging stations.

Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station Finder Apps In the United States Of America

This is the list of the best EV charging apps that are available on the iOS and Android app stores.

1. Electrify America

Electrify America has more than 670 charging stations spread throughout the United States Of America. So, this is the must-have app for EV users so that they won’t miss out on the nearest EV charging stations.

Download: Electrify America on AndroidiOS (Free)

2. Chargeway

Chargeway is a simple app that can help you to find EV charging stations. Charge way only displays chargers that work with your specific EV. It will show you those Charging stations where you can reach your current battery percentage. This app will only show you chargers that work with your car.

Download: Chargeway for Android & iOS (Free)

3. EVgo

According to the EVgo, It has has “more than 850 convenient and reliable fast-charging stations [in the United States]. EVgo allows its members to reserve a charger at their destination up to 20 minutes before arriving but you must pay $3 in advance to reserve.

Download: EVgo for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Plugshare

One of our favorite EV apps, Plugshare helps you locate a wide range of vehicle chargers from multiple networks. You can find the charging stations from Tesla Superchargers, Electrify America, ChargePoint, and many more. When you open your account in Plugshare, you need to state the type of your EV so that it will automatically filter chargers that work with your EV without you needing to do anything.  PlugShare helps you to find every single EV charger available on your route.

Download: PlugShare for Android & iOS (Free)

5. ChargeHub

ChargeHub has a beautiful interface and it’s easy to use in comparison to other apps. ChargeHub helps you to find all the major EV charging networks in your area.

Download: ChargeHub for AndroidiOS (Free)

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