Best Gnome Shell Extensions

In this post, we are listing out 7 best gnome shell extensions for ubuntu gnome desktop. If you are planning to customise your Ubuntu Gnome Desktop, then this post is definitely for you. Tweak your desktop with the help of following shell extensions.

Best Gnome Shell Extensions For Your Ubuntu Gnome

1) Dash To Dock

gnome shell extension

One of the most popular gnome shell extensions in dash to dock. This extension helps you to move the dash out of the overview  and placing it as a dock  similar like a OS X. It also supports autohide and intellihide mode.

install Dash To Dock


2) Caffeine

In real life, we drink coffee not to feel sleepy and here we use caffeine gnome shell extension to prevent ubuntu going to sleep mode. In short, It disable the screensaver and auto suspend.

Install Download Caffeine

3) EasyScreenCast


One of the most useful gnome extension is EasyScreenCast. It let you to record your Gnome desktop.

Install EasyScreenCast

4) NetSpeed


Netspeed gnome extension is used to check the internet speed. It monitor and display the speed at the top bar in ubuntu.

Install NetSpeed

5) Pomodoro Timer

Best Gnome Shell Extensions

Pomdoro Timer gnome shell extension is a time management extension which can be used to divide our time while using ubuntu. It ask us to take a break during the course of work or we can set the various time task and it remind us.

Install Pomodoro Timer

7) Clipboard Indicator

Gnome Shell Extensions

Clipboard is a utility exntesion which let us to cache our clipboard history. It adds a clipboard indicator to the top panel, and saves clipboard history.

Clipboard Indicator

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