Best Linux Gaming Distros That Might Be Helpful

Best Linux Gaming Distros That Might Be Helpful
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Insight: Best Linux Gaming Distros That Might Be Helpful 

There are plenty of Linux operating systems available for the various purposes. Some of them are also available for the gaming purposes. There are plenty of beautiful Linux operating systems available for the gaming purpose.

Let’s check out some of the best Linux gaming distros that might be helpful and useful for you.

Best Linux Gaming Distros That Might Be Helpful

1. SteamOS

Let’s start with SteamOS for your gaming desire. It is specially designed for the gaming purpose. It has steam per-installed and is based on Debian. SteamOS is maintained and developed by Valve.

This is the most recommended Gaming operating system among Linux users. Some of the requirements for the SteamOS are:

  • Intel or AMD 64-bit capable processor
  • 4GB or more RAM
  • 200GB + HDD
  • NVIDIA graphics card / AMD graphics card

Download SteamOS

2. Linux Console

Linux Console is another Linux operating system which can be used for the gaming purpose too. There are around 15+ games which you can play live on this Linux operating system.

Download Linux Console

3. Ubuntu GamePack

It’s distro dedicated for the gaming and based on Ubuntu. Some of the requirements for this Linux operating system are:

  • Minimum 2 GHz  processor
  • Minimum 1GB RAM 
  • Minimum 10GB HDD space
  • Intel HD graphics/AMD Radeon 8500 for Steam games and any other games which requires GPU

Download Ubuntu GamePack

4. batocera.linux

It is a a live Linux operating system which  ready for retro gaming. Along with Linux, it is also available for Raspberry and the Odroids.

batocera.linux is plug and play which means that you can be installed on a standard usb key so that you can play on any computer without altering it.

Download batocera.linux

5. SuperGamer

SuperGamer is a Linux operating system which is optimized for the gaming purpose. SuperGamer is based on Ubuntu 16.04 and Linux Lite. Most important requirement of this distro is that it only works with 64bit.

Download SuperGamer

6. Lakka

Lakka is a lightweight Linux distro which can turn your PC into a retro gaming console. It doesn’t have particular Linux desktop environment. Lakka is built on RetroArch emulator.

Download Lakka

7. SparkyLinux – GameOver Edition

SparkyLinux is a Linux distribution which uses the LXDE desktop environment. SparkyLinux GameOver edition is loaded with Wine, Play On Linux, Steam etc along many open source Linux games are pre-installed.

Download SparkyLinux- GameOver Edition

8. Manjaro Gaming Edition (mGAMe)

mGAMe or Manjaro Gaming Edition is based on Manjaro. Steam, PlayOnLinux, Lutris, Minecraft, Editing Tools, and a bunch of other emulators are already pre-installed in this operating system. Some of the requirements are:

  • Minimum 1GHz processor
  • Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Minimum 30GB storage
  • You must have ATI, NVidia or Intel GPU



Some of the other Linux gaming operating systems are:


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