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EuroLinux Desktop Is Now Available For Download

EuroLinux Desktop based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 9 is now available for download. EuroLinux Desktop, a new player in the Linux universe is developed by the Polish Open Source solutions manufacturer company called EuroLinux.

EuroLinux Desktop Is Now Available For Download

EuroLinux Desktop is targeted at regular users while EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution developed in 2013.
According to the company, EuroLinux Desktop is designed for people and organizations which use Windows® or macOS® on a daily basis and are looking for a stable system with many years of technical support as well as a similar aesthetic to Microsoft® and Apple®.

EuroLinux Desktop uses GNOME as a default environment. EuroLinux Desktop supports many media file formats (mp3, mpg, wma, ts, opus, ogg, mp4, flac, aiff, acc, ac3, avi), as well as open codecs used in popular mkv video files (Matroska). Each of these formats can be run in the default Totem/Video system player.

If you want to try this new Linux distro, then you can download the ISO from the following link.

EuroLinux Desktop ISO Download.

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