Free Online Linux Tutorials For Beginners In 2020

Free Online Linux Tutorials For Beginners In 2022

In this post, we have collected the number of online Linux resources, communities, and tutorials for the beginner level of Linux users.

If you are a beginner level of users and looking for some online resources and Linux tutorials then this blog post is for you. We are going to list out the Various Facebook groups dedicated to the specific Linux operating systems, Linux blogs, Linux tutorial blogs, and so on.

Free Online Linux Tutorials For Beginners In 2022

Let us know if there is any broken link in this post and also if you want to suggest us some blogs to get featured in this blog post too.

Useful Linux Facebook Groups

  1. Linux Facebook Group: One of the popular Linux community on Facebook with 139k+ members. There are so many active members sharing various informative links, tutorials, reviews, and coverage.
  2. Linux (RedHat/CentOS): Linux community on Facebook which is specific for RedHat and CentOS users.
  3. Arch Linux: A Facebook group dedicated to Arch Linux users.
  4. Ubuntu: One of the useful Ubuntu group on Facebook. You can either ask your questions or help others by solving their problems.
  5. Ubuntu: Another active Linux Ubuntu group on Facebook with 60k+ plus members.
  6. Itsubuntu Group: We have also started our dedicated group for Ubuntu users.

Top Linux Tutorial Blogs In 2021

1. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Linux

2. Norman Matloff’s Unix and Linux Tutorial Center

3. Linux Resources By IDM Developer

4. Linux for Beginners

5. Linux Security for Beginners

6. Linux Basic Concepts

7. Edx Online

8. nixCraft

9.  Linoxide

10. Linux Newbie Guide

11. Geek University


13. Linux Command

14. Free Training By The Linux Foundation

15. Unixmen

16. Omgfoss

17. Linux Survival

18. Webminal

19. Guru99

20. Linuxacademy

21. Unix Tutorial For Beginner

22. Ryans Tutorial

23. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

24. HakTuts

25. Linux Journey




29. Linux Babe

30. Khan Academy

31. Pluralsight

32. Code Academy

33. Cyberciti

34. Howtoforge


36. Tutorialspoint

37. Superuser

38. AskUbuntu

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