How To Fix The dpkg Interrupted Error In Linux? [Updated]

How To Fix The dpkg Interrupted Error In Linux? [Updated]

You will come across the dpkg error when you are using the apt-get command to install some packages or update existing software packages. If you have come across the dpkg interrupted error then we have a perfect solution for it.

dpkg is the primary package manager that is used to install, build, configure, or remove the Debian packages.  dpkg is mostly used in  Debian and Debian-based operating systems, like Ubuntu.

The basic  dpkg syntax command is:

dpkg [options] action

Dpkg commands example:

dpkg command to install the package:

dpkg -i package-name.deb

dpkg command to view and list all the installed packages:

dpkg -l

dpkg command to see the detail of the particular package.

dpkg -c packagename.deb

dpkg command to remove the installed package

dpkg -r package-name

How To Fix The dpkg Interrupted Error In Linux? [Updated]

When you are having errors related to dpkg then at first, it is suggested to run the following command to configure the dpkg.

dpkg –configure -a
Despite running the above command, you might not be able to fix the solution. If this is the case then run the following commands.

you get the same error again and again. In such a case, you should execute the following commands.

sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock

sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

cd /var/lib/dpkg/updates

sudo rm *

sudo apt-get update


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