Best Linux Operating Systems For Children

Best Linux Operating Systems For Children
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It’s always good to teach our children Linux right from an early age. In this post, we are listing out some of the best Linux operating systems for children.

Best Linux Operating Systems For Children


Ubermix is a Linux-based operating system which is specially designed for the education purpose along with the children. One of the important feature of this distro is that it only takes 5 minute to get installed on the system along with  20 second quick recovery mechanism. It is loaded with more than 50 free applications. At the time of this article writing, ubermix 4 is the latest  version which is based on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver.

Best Linux Operating Systems For Children

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Skolelinux and DebianEdu were two different project. Skolelinux started in Norway in 2001 and DebianEdu in France. Raphael Herzog started the Debian Edu project in France. Two separate operating system started to work together in 2003.



3.Sugar on a Stick

Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora Spin operating system. It is loaded with  Sugar Learning Platform. You can install Sugar as a desktop environment on your choice of Linux distro or you an even download and run Sugar on a Stick. Most recent version of Sugar on a Stick was released on 01 May 2018 with Fedora 28.

Sugar on a Stick



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