Ubuntu 23.04 Official Flavors Released

Ubuntu 23.04 Official Flavors Released

After the release of  Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster, all the official Ubuntu 23.04 flavors are now available for download. If you are new to the Ubuntu ecosystem then you should be aware of one fact Ubuntu 23.04 is not a Long-Term Support version. Ubuntu 23.04 along with the official flavors will be supported for nine months until January 2024.

Ubuntu 23.04 Official Flavors Released

Ubuntu official flavors Edubuntu 23.04, Kubuntu 23.04, Ubuntu Kylin 23.04, Lubuntu 23.04, Ubuntu Unity 23.04, Ubuntu Cinnamon 23.04, Xubuntu 23.04, Ubuntu Studio 23.04, Ubuntu MATE 23.04, and Ubuntu Budgie 23.04.

Edubuntu 23.04 Released:

Edubuntu is back in business with the 23.04 version. Dedicated to the education niche, you can find  Games, Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Technology software specially focused on the teacher and students.

Kubuntu 23.04 Released:

Kubuntu 23.04 has arrived with KDE Plasma 5.27 and Flatpak has been removed.

Ubuntu Kylin 23.04 Released:

Ubuntu Kylin 23.04 released with Linux 6.2 kernel.

Lubuntu 23.04 Released:

Lubuntu 23.04 comes up with the PCManFM-Qt file manager, LXQt Panel, QTerminal, and LXQt power manager.

Xubuntu 23.04 Released:

Xubuntu 23.04 Releases With Xfce 4.18  and along with other fixes.

Ubuntu Budgie 23.04 Released:

Ubuntu Budgie released with various improvements and bug fixes

Ubuntu MATE 23.04 Released:

Ubuntu Mate 23.04 dropped Flatpak by default and replaces PulseAudio by PipeWire.


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