Wine 7.0 Released With New Features

Wine 7.0 is now available for download. It is the major release from the Wine developer. If you don’t know what Wine is then Wine is a software for Linux that lets Linux users run Windows-based applications in Linux.

Wine 7.0 Released with New Features

What’s New On Wine 7.0?

  1. The 64-bit Windows-on-Windows (WoW64) architecture is implemented and supports running a 32-bit Windows application inside a 64-bit Unix host process, using thunks to map 32-bit NT system calls to the 64-bit NTDLL.
  2. Improved HiDPI support
  3. A “Light” theme is included in Wine, with the color variants “Blue” and “Classic Blue”. It can be enabled through WineCfg.
  4. – The Vulkan driver supports up to version 1.2.201 of the Vulkan spec.
  5. The Direct2D API supports the ID2D1MultiThread interface
  6. Hit-testing stroked geometries using the Direct2D API is implemented
  7. The support for version 10 of the D3DX effects framework is much improved
  8. The Mono engine is updated to version 7.0.0
  9. Unicode character tables are based on version 14.0.0 of the Unicode Standard
  10. built-in REG registry tool has been updated to support copying of registry keys
  11. The new Apple Silicon Macs are supported, including running x86-64 binaries under Rosetta 2
  12. The DTLS communication protocol is supported
  13. The WinMM joystick support is implemented using DInput instead of Linux evdev or macOS IOHID, and the old joystick driver (winejoystick.drv) is removed
  14. The DirectShow and Media Foundation GStreamer glue is unified into a single backend, making it easier to implement new media decoding APIs
  15. IE11 compatibility mode is improved and used by default for standard-compliant HTML documents
  16. The REG registry tool supports operating on either the 32- or 64-bit view of the registry
  17. The macOS QuickTime library is no longer used
  18. The Windows Sockets support is reimplemented to go through NTDLL and the Afd device, following the Windows architecture
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If you want to try the latest version of Wine then it is available from the official website of Wine.

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