Deepin 20.4 is now available for download. Deepin 20.4 is here with tons of new improvements and features like updated kernels. Deepin 20.4 is the fourth maintenance update to the latest Deepin 20 series.

In Deepin 20.4 you will see both Linux 5.10.83 LTS and Linux 5.15.6 LTS kernels. Linux 5.10.83 LTS will come up with default for new installations.

Deepin 20.4 Released

Features and improvements that you will find on Deepin 20.4:

  1. Deepin 20.4 comes with an updated installer
  2. Ships with both Linux 5.10.83 LTS and Linux 5.15.6 LTS kernels
  3. Deepin 20.4 updates the File Manager to show third-party apps on the Computer page
  4. The chromium kernel is upgraded
  5. A new monitoring plugin is added to System Monitor to detect the CPU and memory usage. You will get the notification once the threshold is reached so that you can force end some processes to ensure the normal running of computers
  6. New default wallpaper, offering a fresh new look
  7. Show low battery warning during system updates
  8. Install updates automatically when the updates are downloaded
  9. Automatically mount swap partition for advanced installation
  10. Create QR code for files on webpages

Bug Fix On Deepin 20.4:

  • Fixed the issue of the interface being abnormal if transferring multiple photos to the computer via Bluetooth.
  • Fixed the issue of the wireless network icon in the Dock was grayed out and did not show the signal strength.
  • Fixed the issue: when opening a folder on smb and dragging its files directly to the trash in the Dock, there was no response.
Text Editor
  • Fixed the issue: it crashed if the copied text was over 800 MB.
  • Fixed the issue: it crashed if the count of pasted characters were over 500 million.
System Installer
  • Fixed: failed to check for updates after rolling back the system to the previous version.
  • Fixed: failed to install the system in legacy mode.
  • Fixed: on the advanced installation page, the partition name was displayed incompletely even when hovering on it.
  • Fixed: the screen ratio was abnormal and the text was too small on HiDPI screens.
  • Fixed: failed to export multiple photos after exiting the photo preview window.
  • Fixed: the custom album was not displayed properly.
  • Fixed: after right-clicking a photo on the desktop and opening it with Album, the photo preview window was not shown.
  • Fixed: the wrong display status of Codec info and Audio info.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: the display effect was improper when tapping on custom shortcuts on touch screens.
  • Fixed: failed to upload files on the custom background page on touch screens.
Grand Search
  • Fixed: the wrong URL of the Privacy Policy.
  • Fixed: UI issues.
  • Fixed: after choosing “Select other directories” to export files and clicking Cancel in the popup window, the path was still located to “Select other directories”.


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