Linux kernel 5.0 released

Insight: Linux Kernel 5.0 Released | Download Now

Latest version of the Linux Kernel is out now. Yes, You heard it right. Linux Kernl 5.0 has been released. Linux Torvalds announces the release of  latest version of Linux Kernel.

Linux Kernel 5.0 is loaded with few new features and improvements.

Some of the features are:

  • Improved AMD CPU microcode handling.
  • Raspberry Pi Touchscreen is now supported by the mainline kernel.
  • AArch64 pointer authentication support.
  • Updates to the Andes NDS32 CPU architecture.
  • Adiantum data encryption support.
  • New Intel Stratix 10 FPGA drivers.
  • NVIDIA Tegra suspend-and-resume for the Tegra X2 and Xavier SoCs.
  • Logitech high resolution scrolling support.
  • AMDKFD compute support for Vega 12 and Polaris 12.
  • Support for a new VegaM and other new Vega IDs.
  • ASpeed video engine support

Linux Kernel 5.0 Released | Download Now

You can now download the Linux Kernel 5.0 from the official source. Meanwhile, Ubuntu 19.04 might comes up with the latest Linux Kernel 5.0.

Download Linux Kernel 5.0

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