Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives For Linux In 2023

Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives For Linux In 2023

Microsoft Teams is one of the best collaboration tools available in the market. It is developed by Microsoft. It is used for team messaging, video conferencing, meetings, and collaboration.

Meanwhile, if you are a Linux user and want to use Microsoft Teams in your Linux environment then we have some good news for you as we have collected the list of best Microsoft Teams alternatives for Linux in 2023.

Best Microsoft Teams Alternatives For Linux In 2023

1. Wire

Wire is a secure and popular open-source collaboration software. It is a cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Teams. Developed in Electron, it does everything that you want to do with Microsoft Teams.


  • You can easily do high-definition group calls.

End-to-end chat encryption f

2. Element – Secure Collaboration and Messaging App

Element is another advanced and secure team messaging app for Linux. Based on the Matrix platform, It can be the best Microsoft Teams alternative for Linux in 2023.

3. Zoom – Video Conferencing Platform

Zoom took the internet by storm in 2020. Thanks to the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 as it was one of the best choices for the individuals and the organizations for the meeting and the group conference. Zoom is a feature-rich collaboration tool that is posing a serious threat to big names like Microsoft Team, Skype, Google Meet, and other tools. Zoom is compatible with 1,000 programs compatible with the video conferencing app.

Zoom is no doubt the best alternative to Microsft Teams for Linux-based operating systems in 2023.

Zoom Features:

  • Free Instant messaging and video conferencing feature.
  • Free collaboration plan.
  • Connection with 1,000+ apps.
  • Record option for recording and saving so you can review later.
  • You can set your preferred virtual background for virtual meetings.
  • Whiteboard feature
  • Tons of extra features in the premium edition.

4. Mattermost

Mattermost is another one of the best Microsoft Teams alternatives for Linux in 2023. One of the interesting features of Mattermost is that each user can establish a self-hostable online chat service. It is also compatible with multiple DevOps tools. It is also compatible with Slack which allows users to import, export, and customize depending on their preferences. It also has prebuilt plugins from Jenkins, Jira, and GitLab.

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