Deepin 20.5 Released With New Features & Improvements

Deepin 20.5, the latest stable release is now available for download. Deepin is a China-based Linux operating system. Deepin is the Debian-based Linux operating system that is trying to stand apart in the crowd of Linux distros.

Deepin 20.5 Released With New Features & Improvements

What’s New On Deepin 20.5?

  1. Face recognition is supported on adapted devices and you can log in to deepin with your face ID.
  2. The Stable kernel is updated to version 5.15.24.
  3. Multiple IPs can be set for a single wired network adapter.
  4. File types and file extensions can be used as keywords.
  5. Devices can be enabled/disabled.
  6. Local drivers of devices in deb format can be installed, updated, and uninstalled.
  7. Screenshots can be pinned on top of windows.
  8. LibreOffice is upgraded to V7.0.4 and the libreoffice-gtk3 style is added.
  9. Driver packages of NVIDIA graphics cards are added.
  10. The systemd250 is integrated.
  11. Downloading and installing extensions in App Store are supported for Browser over V5.5.4.
  12. Fixed: wireless networks cannot be found and listed on some devices.

Download Deepin 20.5 ISO

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