GNOME 42 Desktop Environment Released With Exciting Features

GNOME 42 Desktop Environment is now available for download.

GNOME 42 is loaded with some amazing new features and improvements.  In GNOME 42, GNOME software is being ported to GTK4. You will find Text Editor as the default text editor app replacing the old Gedit text editor.

Some of the features and improvements that you will find one GNOME 42 are:

  1. GNOME 42 comes with a redesigned screenshot feature.
  2. You will find Text Editor and Console in the set of GNOME default apps. Both Text Editor and Console have a new, modern tab UI.
  3. Videos are now using modern OpenGL widgets with hardware-accelerated decoding, resulting in much smoother video playback.
  4. GNOME’s existing remote desktop feature has been upgraded to support the RDP protocol.
  5. The Files app has a new scrollable path bar, an updated renaming interface, and updated icons.
  6. All of GNOME’s wallpapers support the dark style preference.
  7. Core GNOME apps have been ported to GTK.
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