Deepin 20

Deepin 20 is now available for download. With support for dual kernels – Kernel 5.4 and Kernel 5.7, you can see a lot of improvements in Deepin 20.

Deepin 20 Now Available For The Download

You can download the Deepin 20 from the download link below:

Download Deepin 20


New and upgraded features in Deepin 20
  • Device Manager is added for viewing and managing hardware devices.
  • Font Manager is improved to install and manage fonts, and enables you to preview fonts in your own text.
  • Draw offers an easy way to make a drawing of anything you want.
  • Log Viewer helps you find system and app logs, and locate your issues quickly.
  • Voice Notes combines the text note and voice recording features, providing two ways to record notes.
  • Screen Capture is a combination of Deepin Screenshot and Deepin Screen Recorder, which makes screen recording more convenient.
  • Cheese is preinstalled so that you can take a photo or record a video on your PC.
  • User Feedback is available for you to submit issues and communicate with other deepin users.
  • Document Viewer, Archive Manager, and more apps are newly developed or upgraded to give better user experiences.
  • New icon theme added, offering more display options.
  • App Store: app update feature added, the display of apps in categories and the details page changed.
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