GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 Kernel Released

GNU Linux-libre 5.17 is now available for the download

Part of the announcement from Alexandre Oliva regarding the availability of GNU Linux-Libre 5.17

GNU Linux-libre 5.17-gnu cleaning-up scripts, cleaned-up sources, and
cleaning-up logs (including tarball signatures) are now available from
our git-based release archive git://
tags {scripts,sources,logs}/v5.17-gnu.

Compressed tarballs and incremental patches are also available at

Freesh and RPMFreedom, the .deb and .rpm distributions of GNU
Linux-libre maintained by Jason Self, already have binaries of 5.17-gnu.
Thanks, Jason!

We had hoped for a release during FSF's amazing LibrePlanet conference,
but alas, that was not meant to be.  Cleaning up scripts have required
changes for the final release, compared with -rc8, and that delayed the
release quite significantly.

This release required updates to cleaning up logic for tegra, bnx2x,
mt7915, btmtk, mscc, and new logic for dts files for various new aarch64
SoCs, and for a new driver for x86 android tablets.

In other news, Jason Self has started sharing the work of preparing and
verifying the multiple upstream stable releases we clean up and put out
every week.  Please join me in thanking him for adjusting our bus factor
in a desirable way!  There are likely to be upcoming changes in details
about signatures as we streamline this new mode of cooperation.

You may also enjoy the beautiful artwork with our mascot, Freedo, that
he's made and published at;a=tree

For up-to-the-minute news, join us on IRC (#gnu-linux-libre on, or follow me on P2P or federated social media (the link in
my signature has directions).
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