There are a number of distributions based on Debian. Some people might want to take a look at these distributions in addition to the official Debian releases. A Debian derivative is a distribution that is based on the work done in Debian but has its own identity, goals and audience and is created by an entity that is independent from Debian. Derivatives modify Debian to achieve the goals they set for themselves. `

Insight: Happy Birthday Debian Operating System

One of the popular Linux distribution, Debian has turned 25. It’s been 25 glorious years since this amazing operating system was developed. Debian project was announced on 16th August 1993 by Ian Murdock, Debian Founder.

Happy Birthday Debian : It’s 25th Birthday

Debian was named by combing the name of the girlfriend of Ian, Debra Lynn and his name Ian Murdock. (Deb)ra+(Ian) = Debian. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel or the FreeBSD kernel. It comes with over 51000 packages.



Debian Announcement

Sadly, Ian Murdock killed himself in December 28,2015.

There are a number of distributions based on Debian operating system. Some of the popular distro based on Debian are Kali Linux, Ubuntu.

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