Linuxfx Operating System: Feel Like Windows 10

Linuxfx Operating System: Feel Like Windows 10

Update: Linuxfx 10.5 has been released with Cinnamon 4.6. It is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Linuxfx is a Brazilian Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. This can be perfect for the new users shifting to Linux from Windows 10 as it has Windows 10 like interface. Linuxfx ships with an intuitive Cinnamon desktop user interface.

Linuxfx Operating System: Linux Like Windows 10

Linuxfx comes up with various tools like Sentinela, a computer vision software with video analytics and software for access control (facial recognition and automatic number plate recognition), object detection, gender, age and mood detection.

Some of the interesting features in Linuxfx includes a WX theme for desktop, a new personal assistant,  and system applications. It is also compatible with software written for Windows (.exe and .msi) with the help of Wine.

One of the beauties of the Linux is its own core feature of being open-source. You can customize it to meet your demands or choice. You can mix it, build it, and make your own beautiful variant of Linux operating systems.

There are thousands of customized Linux operating systems distributed by several groups of Linux enthusiasts.

If you want to try Linuxfx operating system, you can download the ISO from the following link, and don’t forget to share us your experience.

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