System76 Launches Pop!_OS 21.10

System76 announces the availability of Pop!_OS 21.10. Coming almost six months after Pop!_OS 21.04, the latest version of System76 is loaded with new features and improvements. Pop!_OS 21.10 features the 5.15.5 kernel and latest NVIDIA driver.  Pop!_OS 21.10 is now available on the Raspberry Pi too. Pop!_OS 21.10 includes GNOME updates and improvements.

System76 Launches Pop!_OS 21.10

Pop!_OS custom software repositories is now hosted from their own infrastructure to make it more stable and consistent.

Some of the features that you will see on Pop!_OS 21.10:

  1. The Application Library will launch on the display that has your mouse focus.
  2. Your system will now recognize when Pop!_OS is installed from the recovery partition and offer the Refresh OS option prior to unlocking an encrypted drive.
  3. Pop!_OS continues to keep up to date on new software versions.
  4. The restore partition is now updated prior to upgrading the OS.
  5. Wi-Fi connections will now be sorted by your current connection, previous connections, and strength of the signal, making your desired network easier to find.

How To Upgrade To Pop!_OS 21.10

You need to open the Settings application to the OS Upgrade & Recovery menu, then click the Download button at the top to download the upgrade. To apply for the upgrade, click Upgrade once the download is complete and you are ready to use the new version.


From the command line, run the following commands at first.

sudo apt update

sudo apt full-upgrade

Once the process is finished, run the following command:

pop-upgrade release upgrade

As your system upgrades, you may be prompted to answer a few yes or no questions on the screen. You just simply press Y and then Enter to continue. It will take around  15 minutes to complete the process and the system will restart. You are now ready to use it.

Or you can download the ISO image from this link and start the fresh installation process.

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