Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Released

Ubuntu 21.10 beta is now available to download. Ubuntu 21.10 has been in development since May 2021. This is the beta version of the stable Ubuntu 21.10 release, that is going to be made public on October 14, 2021. Ubuntu 21.10 beta ships with the latest GNOME 40.4 point release and it is powered by Linux Kernel 5.13.

You will find the Wayland support for NVIDIA hardware users, new multi-touch gestures and other features in this beta version.

Most important part of this release is that the users can get the early experience of the final version of the Ubuntu 21.10. You will see the Ubuntu Dock on the left side of the screen.

Some of the features:

  1. Pulseaudio now includes support for bluetooth LDAC and AptX bluetooth and HFP profiles, providing better audio quality.
  2. Firefox version 92 is now seeded as a snap by default.
  3. Wayland sessions are now available while using the nvidia video drivers.

Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Released

Download your copy of Ubuntu 21.10 Beta from this link.


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