uninstall software from terminal in ubuntu

Insight: Uninstall software from terminal in Ubuntu

Playing with command is always fun. There are many things that we can do from terminal in Ubuntu. Terminal plays vital role when we need to access the remote system. In this tutorial, we will show you the method to un-install software from terminal in Ubuntu.

How To Uninstall Software from Terminal in Ubuntu

In order to uninstall software or package from terminal in ubuntu, you need to know the exact name of the packages.

You can execute the following command to know the list of the packages and their name.

dpkg --list

Now, you have the option to remove the software/package either completely or partially which means keeping your personal setting.

To keep personal setting:

sudo apt-get remove package_name

To remove completely from your system:

Complete Uninstallation:

Use the following command to uninstall completely from Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get --purge remove package_name

Now, you need to remove the dependencies of the software.

sudo apt-get autoremove


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