Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

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Insight: Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

Let’s have a quick look into the list of few useful Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts for beginners.

Useful Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

CTRL + ALT + T‘: Shortcuts to launch your terminal in Ubuntu.

Super Key + L‘ or ‘CTRL + ALT + L‘: Shortcuts to lock screen in Ubuntu.

Super Key + D‘ or ‘CTRL + ALT + D‘: Shortcuts to minimize the active windows and leaving you only with the desktop.

Super + Tab‘ or ‘Alt + Tab‘: Shortcuts to switch between running applications.

Super Key + M‘ or ‘Super Key + V‘ to toggle through the various notifications.

Super Key + Arrow right‘: snap your application window to the left or right.

CTRL + ALT + Arrow UP‘ or  ‘CTRL + ALT + Arrow Down‘: Shortcuts to shuffle between workspaces.

Alt F2‘: Shortcuts to run a command without necessarily accessing the terminal.

Ctrl+Q: Close an application window.

Super+Space: Change input keyboard (for multilingual setup)

Note: You can also create your own custom shortcuts. To do this,  simply click on ‘Settings > Devices > Keyboard‘.

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