Insight: List of best kde plasma themes for kde desktop environment.

There are various desktop environment available for linux based distros. Among many of them, KDE is also widely used desktop environment. Today, We are going to share some of the best KDE plasma themes for your linux distros.

1. Numix

Best KDE plasma themes

Numix is one of the popular and widely used KDE plasma themes which offers flat design and sleek layout.

Install Numix

2. Elegant

As name suggests, Elegant is yet another clean kde plasma theme which also offers sleek layout for KDE based desktop environment.

Install Elegant

3. Aex Plasma

best kde themes

If you want to feel OS X like environment in your KDE desktop then Aex Plasma theme can be the best option for your linux.

Install Aex Plasma

4. Maia Transparent

Maia Transparent theme is a transparent theme which is slightly modified Manjaro’s Maia Desktop Theme, but with completely transparent panel and menus (except dashboard menu, which doesn’t follow theme background settings).

Install Maia

5. Unity Ambiance

Unity Ambiance theme makes you feel like using Ubuntu‘s Unity 7 theme Ambiance. In this theme, Bottom-panel and side-panels are flat and transparent if desktop effects are enabled.

Install Unity




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