Linux Interview Questions For Beginners In 2020

List Of Linux Interview Questions For Beginners In 2020

This is the very useful list of the questions that might be asked during the Linux job interview for the beginner level of the job position.

Linux Interview Questions For Beginners In 2020

  1. What is Linux?
  2. Explain the history of Linux?
  3. Explain the difference between Linux and Unix?
  4. What is the core of the Linux operating system?
  5. Explain about the Linux Kernel and what is the current stable version of Kernel?
  6. What is LILO?
  7. What is BASH and explain about it?
  8. What is CLI and explain about it?
  9. Why is Linux called an Open source software?
  10. Explain about the license of Linux?
  11. What is the difference between Open Source and Closed source?
  12. What is SHELL and what are the types of the SHELL?
  13. What is SWAP and why it is needed?
  14. What is GUI and explain the differences between GUI and CLI?
  15. What are the environment variables in Linux?
  16. What are the different file permissions in Linux?
  17. Explain Soft Links, Hard Links, and what are the differences between them?
  18. What is the inode?
  19. What are Daemons?
  20. What is sudo?
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