Linux Printers Drivers And Utilities With Download Link

Download Linux Printers Drivers And Utilities

Insight: Linux Printers Drivers And Utilities With Download Link

Once there was a time when finding a proper printer and its driver for Linux-based operating systems was quite tough and in some cases almost impossible too but things have changed. There are plenty of Linux-compatible printers available in the market at competitive prices.


In this post, we are showing you the link from where you can download the printer’s driver and utilities for your Linux-based operating system.

Linux Printers Drivers And Utilities With Download Link

1. HPLIP: These days most Linux operating systems include the HP printer’s drive in their operating system. Just in case you don’t have a driver for your Linux-compatible HP printer then you can download it from the official website of HP:- HPLIP Drivers

2. The Linux Foundation: The Linux Foundation has a wide collection of printer databases from which you can download the required driver and utility tool for your printing machine:– Open Printing Database

3. Ubuntu Printers: Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux-based operating systems. Due to its popularity, Hardware manufacturers are developing plenty of Ubuntu-compatible hardware. You can visit the official printer dedicated support page of Ubuntu for Ubuntu printer’s driver and software:- Ubuntu Printers Support.

4. Brother Printers:  If you are having issues with your Brother printer’s installation in Linux, then kindly visit this place to download the required drivers:- Brother Printer Driver Collection

4. Canon Printers For Linux: Canon is also providing good support for the Linux compatible printers: Canon Linux Printer Driver

5. Xerox Printers: You can download the Xerox printer’s driver and utility tool from here:- Xerox Printer For Linux

6. Lexmark Printers: Install Lexmark laser printers using Lexmark tools for Linux:- Lexmark Printers Drivers


Note: Please kindly let us know if you have any other useful resources for the Linux-based Printing tools.

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