Nitrux 2.0. Is Available For Download

Nitrux 2.0 is now available to download.  Powered by Linux 5.16 kernel series, you can see plenty of improvements and the addition in the new version of Debian-based, systemd-free GNU/Linux distribution Nitrux OS. Nitrux uses the Calamares installer and includes KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment and KDE Applications.

Nitrux 2.0 Is Available For Download

What’s New On Nitrux 2.0?

  1. Two Linux Kernel is available, One of them is the LTS version and another one in the non-LTS kernel. Currently 5.15.17 and 5.16.3, respectively
  2. Firefox 96.0 available by default
  3. LibreOffice version 7.5.2 available by default
  4. OpenRC configuration is updated to allow TTYs to function in the distribution properly and reduce the default TTYs to two (TTY2 and TTY3)
  5. Intel and AMD microcode is included as early boot code in the ISO for required systems
  6. MESA 21.3.5 is included by default
  7. i945, Nouveau, and AMDGPU drivers are included in the initrd of ISO for systems that require it
  8. Linux kernel version 5.4 and 5.10 LTS won’t get any updates
  9. Optional Latte layouts have been updated to include the window controls, title bar, and global menu in the top panel and the window controls in the bottom panel.
  10. Now users can resize borderless windows from all corners hovering over each corner or using ALT+right-click and moving the cursor
  11. The size of both ISO files have been reduced to 2.3G and 1.3G for the standard ISO and minimal ISO

Download the Nitrux 2.0 ISO file from this link.

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