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Now, you can try Ubuntu in your web browser with any operating system before installing it on your PC. Yes, you heard it right and it has been made possible with the release of Ubuntu Online 21.10. Ubuntu Online works both online and offline.

Ubuntu Tour’ Web Browser can’t render all pages in your browser because of Content Security Policy (CSP). You can try Ubuntu online from  here

Now You Can Try Ubuntu In A Web Browser With Ubuntu Online 21.10

Some of the features that you can see in Ubuntu Online 21.10:

  1. Multi-window (You can open same application 2 (or more) times) Resizable, draggable windows Changeable wallpapers Similar interface with Gnome (Ubuntu Tour imitate Gnome Interface however never use Gnome code.)
  2. Clone applications
  3. To-Do List

You can download the source files of Ubuntu Online 21.10 from the project’s GitHub or Launchpad

Note: You need to set up or install the Server before going through this website.

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