Slax 11.2 is now available for the public as it is the major update from the developer. This is the first release of the distribution in more than two years. Slax 11.2 is based on Debian GNU/Linux. Slax 11.2 features EFI support for USB booting.

What’s New On Slax 11.2 ?

  1. Added EFI boot support for USB devices
  2. Updated to most recent packages from Debian bullseye
  3. Wicd is replaced by connman-gtk
  4. In the latest version of Slax, you wil find improved network support for WIFI connections
  5. Using gnome-calculator and scite as default applications (GUI calculator and text editor)
  6. Enabled click by tap support for touchpads
  7. Added xinput package
  8. You won’t find Google Chrome as it has been removed but you can install it if you want to use it.

Slax 11.2 Released

If you want to try the latest version of Slax 11.2 then you can do it by downloading the ISO file from the link below.

Download Slax 11.2


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