Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers

Insight: Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers.

Let’s look into the list of useful & best free Linux log-file viewers.


Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers

1. Gnome Logs: It is a log viewer for the systemd journal. It depends on GTK+ 3.22.0 or above, itstool and libsystemd-journal at build time.

2. Logmaster: It is a desktop log viewer for Linux built with GTK and. It can read very large files (multiple gigabytes and bigger than the user’s memory), highlighting, searching, following, kubernetes support, Unix pipe support, and more.

3. QJournalctl:  It can be called a GUI of systemd’s journalctl. journalctl is a command for viewing logs collected by systemd.

4. Journalctl: It is a command for viewing logs collected by systemd. It is integrated with Linux operating system. You can start it with the comman:


5. MultiTail: The program MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail. It let you browse through several files at once.Install MultiTail in Linux:

For RHEL/CentOS/Fedora

yum install -y multitail

For Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install multitail

6. Lnav: Utility for viewing and analyzing log files in Linux. All log file contents are merged into a single view based on message timestamps.

7. Swatch: Swatch or Simple Watch Dog or Simpel Logwatcher is a Perl script to monitor active log files on Linux.

8. frontail: It is a Node.js application for streaming logs to the browser.

9. KSystemLog: KSystemLog is a system log viewer tool. It shows all logs of your system, grouped by General (Default system log, Authentication, Kernel,…), and optional Services. (Apache, Cups,…)

10. Xlogmaster: It lets you monitor everything that’s going on on your system in a very quick and comfortable way. It allows reading logfiles, devices, or running status-gathering programs, translating all data.


This much for now. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any new tools in your mind.

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