Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers

Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers
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Insight: Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers.

Let’s look into the list of useful & best free Linux log-file viewers.


Useful & Best Free Linux Logfile Viewers

1. Gnome Logs: It is a log viewer for the systemd journal. It depends on GTK+ 3.22.0 or above, itstool and libsystemd-journal at build time.

2. Logmaster: It is a desktop log viewer for Linux built with GTK and . It can read very large files (multiple gigabytes and bigger than user’s memory), highlighting, searching, following, kubernetes support, unix pipe support and more.

3. QJournalctl:  It can be called as a GUI of systemd’s journalctl. journalctl is a command for viewing logs collected by systemd.

4. Journalctl: It is a command for viewing logs collected by systemd. It is integrated with Linux operating system. You can start it with the comman:


5. MultiTail: The program MultiTail lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail. It let you to browse through several files at once.Install MultiTail in Linux:

For RHEL/CentOS/Fedora

yum install -y multitail

For Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install multitail

6. Lnav: Utility for viewing and analyzing log files in Linux. All log file contents are merged into a single view based on message timestamps.

7. Swatch: Swatch or Simple Watch Dog or Simpel Logwatcher is a Perl script to monitor active log files on Linux.

8. frontail: It is a Node.js application for streaming logs to the browser.

9. KSystemLog: KSystemLog is a system log viewer tool. It shows all logs of your system, grouped by General (Default system log, Authentication, Kernel,…), and optional Services. (Apache, Cups,…)

10. Xlogmaster: It lets you monitor everything that’s going on on your system in a very quick and comfortable way. It allows reading logfiles, devices or running status-gathering programs, translating all data.


This much for now. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any new tools in your mind.

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