Best Digital Audio Workstation Apps For Linux In 2021

Best Digital Audio Workstation Apps For Linux In 2021
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Let’s look into the list of some of the best digital audio workstation apps for Linux in 2021. This is the amazing list for the people using Linux and working as a digital audio producer.

Best Digital Audio Workstation Apps For Linux In 2021

Tracktion Software

Tracktion is a cross-platform freeware digital audio workstation apps for recording and editing audio and MIDI. Tracktion software is written in C++.

Some of the features of Tracktion are:

  • Clip Layer Effects
  • Freeze Point Technology
  • Unlimited MIDI Tracks
  • Unlimited Audio Tracks
  • Visual Plugin Selector
  • LFO Generators
  • Latency Management

Download Tracktion 7 T7 DAW


LMMS is another popular DAW for Linux. It is a free and cross-platform digital audio workstation. LMMS is a 100% free, open-source, community-driven project.

Features of LMMS

  • Sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface
  • Note playback via MIDI or typing keyboard
  • Consolidate instrument tracks using Beat+Bassline Editor
  • Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources
  • Import of MIDI files and Hydrogen project files


Audacity is a familiar name. Audacity is a free and open-source multi-track audio workstation software. It is cross-platform which is available for Ubuntu/Linux, Windows and Mac. Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media.  it supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit. Sample rates and formats are converted using high-quality re-sampling and dithering.



Ardour is a free and open-source DAW advanced software. It supports Unlimited Multichannel Tracks, Non-destructive, non-linear editing with unlimited undo/redo, even across editing sessions, Strip silence, push-pull trimming, Rhythm Ferret for transient and note onset-based editing,  Stereo panning with independent (coupled) width and position and many more.


System Requirements

Computer Any 32 or 64 bit Intel-compatible computer.
Operating System Any version of Linux with a kernel newer than 2.3 and libc version 2.25 or newer.
RAM 2GB+ is recommended
Disk Space Minimum 350MB of free space on /opt to install Ardour. More disk space for recording.

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