Display And Control Your Android Device From Ubuntu 20.04

Insight: Display And Control Your Android Device From Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss one particular software that can let you display and control your Android devices connected on USB from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. We will talk about the tool to mirror your Android Device in Linux based operating system.

You will get the answers to the following questions:

  1. How to cast your Android screen to a Linux Desktop wirelessly.
  2. How do I cast a screen in Linux?
  3. How do I cast my phone screen on Ubuntu?
  4. How to mirror your Android device from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

You can use this tool in other Linux based distros too. We will use scrcpy tool to control Android devices from Ubuntu 20.4 LTS.

Display And Control Your Android Device From Ubuntu 20.04

At the time of this article, scrcpy 1.18 is the latest version. The communication between the Android device and computer is done via a socket over an adb tunnel. scrcpy does not require any root access.

Some of the features:

  • lightness (native, displays only the device screen)
  • performance (30~60fps)
  • quality (1920×1080 or above)
  • low latency (35~70ms)
  • low startup time (~1 second to display the first image)
  • non-intrusiveness (nothing is left installed on the device)

– The Android device requires at least API 21 (Android 5.0).
– Enable adb debugging on your Android.
– On some devices you need to enable an additional option to control it using keyboard and mouse.

Install scrcpy in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Run the following command to install scrcpy in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

apt install scrcpy

Now after installing, Plug your Android device, and run the following command:


The default video bit-rate is 8 Mbps. Run the following command to change the video bitrate:

scrcpy --bit-rate 2M

You can also record the screen while mirroring. Run the following command:

scrcpy --record file_name.mp4

Well, let us know your experience with this tool in our comment box or you can email us directly.

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