How To Reset Ubuntu Settings To Default Without Reinstalling

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What about an idea to reset Ubuntu to default factory setting to deal with various issues. Sometime knowingly or unknowingly we have to deal with unstable Ubuntu.  We were forced to reinstall the Ubuntu due to random issues. In this tutorial, we will show the method to reset Ubuntu setting to default without reinstalling the Ubuntu again.

Reset Ubuntu Settings To Default Without Reinstalling

There is a tool available which will help us to rest our Ubuntu to default setting. “Resetter” is a free utility to rest Ubuntu. This utility can reset Linux-Mint, Elementary OS and Derivatives to the factory setting.

How To Reset Ubuntu


At first download Resetter from the official Github page.  The downloaded file will be in .deb binary.


Double-click the downloaded binary file and install it in your Ubuntu.


We assume that at this stage, you have already installed the Resetter in your system. After installation is complete,  type ” Resetter” in terminal to launch Resetter. The program will only work in root mode.
Important thing to remember is that this program only works in root mode. So run it with your root account.


This utility tool will provide you two options to reset your Ubuntu:

How To Reset Ubuntu Settings To Default Without Reinstalling

Automatic Reset: This option will reset everything. Even your personal login accounts and home directories.

Custom Reset: As a name suggest, it let you to choose options before resetting your Ubuntu.

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