Insight: How To Install Moka Icon Theme In Linux

These days there are plenty of icon themes available for Ubuntu and other Linux based operating systems. It help us to make our desktop beautiful and sexy. If you are tired of your default theme, then you should give a try to these themes. Meanwhile, Today we are going to talk about one of the beautiful Icon theme and it’s installation process.

How To Install Moka Icon Theme In Linux

Moka is an open source FreeDesktop icon project. It is developed by Sam Hewitt. It uses simple geometry & bright colors.

How To Install Moka Icon Theme In Linux

Install Moka Icon theme in Ubuntu Operating system.

Install Moka icon theme by adding ppa from launchpad.

sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:snwh/ppa

Now, Install Moka icon theme

sudo apt-get install moka-icon-theme faba-icon-theme faba-mono-icons

Install Moka icon  theme in Debian

Download the .deb files from the link below and install it manually.

Download Moka

Install Moka icon theme in Fedora & openSUSE

To install moka icon theme in Fedora & openSUSE, go through the link below. For RPM-based distributions, repositories for Moka to both Fedora and openSUSE are available on the openSUSE build system.

Moka Icon Theme

Install Moka in Arch Linux

Moka is available in Arch User Repository for Arch Linux where that both the Paper icons and GTK theme is available.

Moka For Arch Linux

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