Study Smarter: Must-Have Apps for Students

Struggling with studying is not a rare occurrence among today’s students. Trying to maintain focus, resist scrolling social media, or simply memorize better are just some of the issues they encounter. And since this is one of the most important activities for young students, it’s important to find the right solution and make your studying better. This is where technology steps in. While technology is often seen as an obstacle to productive learning, more and more students are using it to study more efficiently. There are apps designed to help students with different types of study issues. Below, we’ll break them down and help you find the app(s) that will change how you study for good.

1. Focus: Cold Turkey Blocker
To initiate your journey to study smarter, you should first focus on what’s distracting you the most. Typically, students will say that their phones are the main reason they don’t reach their maximum
concentration during studying. For some reason, they find it hard to resist:
– checking social media
– playing their favorite game
– answering a text
– watching a video

Cold Turkey Blocker is designed to block the websites, apps, and online content that’s keeping you distracted. You can custom-design the list of content that should be blocked and activate it for the
period you’re studying. And, with students spending 20% of their class time using their devices for personal use, you should activate the Cold Turkey Blocker during class as well.

2. Flashcards: Quizlet

The next app on our list is a true helping hand, especially when it comes to memorizing information. Students love using it for exam preparation due to their brilliant flashcards feature.
You can create your own flashcards out of your study materials and see where you stand with your knowledge. Also, you can choose from one of the many existing flashcard sets and study smarter
using these.
You can even turn your flashcards into a test and see what mistakes you need to correct.

3. Note Taking: Evernote

If you’re one of those students who rely heavily on their notes when studying, you need to start using Evernote regularly. Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app that has all the features a student
With this app, you can:
– take notes anywhere, on any device
– take pictures
– record audio messages
– clip links from the web
– save documents
You can organize all your notes using different tags and notebooks. They’ll sync into any device you’re using, making it easy to access. You can also make to-do lists to organize your time and set up study sessions.

4. Collaboration; Organization: Google Drive

Finally, studying should not be seen as a lonely activity. Many students find communication with their peers and their support to be crucial for the success of their study sessions. Google Drive is the ultimate app for storing, saving, and sharing all important documents related to school and studying. Students use it to:
– exchange note
– work together on a document
– help each other with written assignments
– save their work and access from a different device
It has so many useful features that students simply love using it. TopEssayWriting is a great service for when you need professional writing help. It’s great when your peers just can’t give you a hand.

5. Organization: iStudiez Pro

Sometimes we have all the motivation to study, but we lack the proper organization to achieve all our study goals. Keeping track of different academic assignments, exams, project deadlines, and
more can be exhausting. More importantly, it can be very difficult to achieve for some students. iStudiez Pro is an app created to help students organize their week so that they achieve everything
without stress, being late, or missing deadlines.
It allows you to:
– create and manage a schedule
– create homework and assignment entries
– keep track of your grades and calculate your GPA
– remind you of the due dates
You can see all of your entries in one overview calendar and thus keep track of what’s coming up next. This will help you organize your studying, prioritize tasks, and achieve way more.

Final Thoughts
Studying with the help of the right apps doesn’t have to be hard, boring, or challenging. The apps we’ve listed above help turn students; study sessions into enjoyable daily activities. They help them learn faster and achieve more while eliminating stress from the picture. Choose the app that would help you the most and start using it today.

Author’s Bio

Ewan Jennings is a student counselor and a blogger. He writes about the difficulties of student life, how to overcome them, and what tools to use to make it all work.

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