Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ Details

Ubuntu 19.04 has been named as a Disco Dingo. It will be out in April 2019. It is going to be the next stable Ubuntu release.

It’s naming pattern is quite interesting at this time as Ubuntu generally uses the name made up of an adjective containing animal name but this time they are using two different name and that one is disco and dingo.  This version of Ubuntu will be supported for nine months, until July 2020.

Disco is a club or place where we goes for dance and dingo is the native dog from Australia. Though Ubuntu is still using Animal name but with different combination. Previously, they only uses animal name for it’s version code name.

Ubuntu 18.10

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo development cycle started on October 25, 2018. Currently, Ubuntu 18.04 is the stable version of Ubuntu and Ubuntu 18.10 is the latest  version of Ubuntu.

Download the first Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ latest build from the link below:

Download Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo Development Life-cycle

Let’s go through the some of the important dates of milestones.

  1. February 21, 2019: Feature Freeze.
  2. March 14, 2019: UI ( User Interface) Freeze.
  3. March 21, 2019: Documentation String Freeze.
  4. March 28, 2019: Beta Freeze.
  5. April 4, 2019: Kernel Freeze.
  6. April 11, 2019: Final Freeze.
  7. April 28, 2019: Final Release Of Ubuntu 19.04
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