200+ Free Linux Ebooks Collection For Lifetime

Insight: 200+ Free Unix Ebooks: Linux Ebooks Collection

Let’s have a quick look at the list of free Linux ebooks.

200+Free Unix Ebooks Linux Ebooks And FreeBSD Ebooks

    1. Linux For Newbies Author: Multiple Authors.
    2. Linux From Scratch Author: Gerard Beekmans
    3. Linux in a Windows World Author: Roderick W. Smith
    4. Linux in the Workplace Author: SSC
    5. Linux Gazette Author: Ben Okopnik
    6. Linux Guide Author: Joshua Go
    7. Brian and Tom’s Linux Book Author: Brian P. Bilbrey and Tom Syroid.
    8. Desktop Linux Author: Wikipedia
    9. A Byte of VIM Freeware (PDF)
    10. A Slackware Desktop Enhancement Guide Author: Darrell Anderson
    11. Advanced Linux Programming Author: Mark L. Mitchell, Alex Samuel, Jeffrey Oldham
    12. Agustin’s Linux Manuals Author: Agustin Velasco
    13. An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi Author: William Joy, Mark Horton (PDF)
    14. Gawk: Effective AWK Programming Author: Arnold Robbins
    15. An Introduction to Tkinter Author: Fredrik Lundh
    16. Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial Author: Steve Bourne
    17. Basic Graphics Programming With The Xlib Library Author: Actcom
    18. Easy Shell Scripting Author: Blessen Cherian
    19. Embedded Software Development with eCos Author: Anthony J. Massa
    20. Fedora 10 Installation Guide Author: Red Hat, Inc.
    21. Beyond Linux from Scratch Author: Mark Hymers
    22. Bodhi Linux 3 for Beginners Author: Roger Carter
    23. Free for All Author: Peter Wayner
    24. Getting Started With Ubuntu Author: The Ubuntu Manual Team
    25. Getting started with WebSphere Application Server Author: Jiang Lin Quan, at al.
    26. GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool Author: Gary V. Vaughan, Ben Elliston, Tom Tromey and Ian Lance Taylor
    27. GNU Emacs Manual Author: Richard M. Stallman
    28. GNU/Linux Basic Author: J.L. Sanchez-Montanes, S.B. Ramos, R.B. Vinas, F.A. Llinas (PDF)
    29. GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary Author: Gareth Anderson
    30. GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide Author: Graham Williams
    31. GTK+ / Gnome Application Development Author: Havoc Pennington (PDF)
    32. Guide to ARMLinux for Developers
    33. Guide to Managing Media and Public Relations in the Linux Community Author: Sheldon Rose
    34. Into the Core: A look at Tiny Core Linux Author: Lauri Kasanen
    35. Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide by Graham Williams
    36. Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator’s Manual by Ardo van Rangelrooij, Tapio Lehtonen and Oliver Elphick.
    37. Introduction to Linux by Brandon Chisham (PDF)
    38. Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide by Machtelt Garrels (PDF)
    39. Java Application Development on Linux by Carl Albing, Michael Schwarz
    40. KDE 2.0 Development by David Sweet
    41. Knowing Knoppix
    42. Guide to IP Layer Network Administration with Linux by Martin A. Brown
    43. Learning Debian GNU/Linux by Bill McCarty
    44. Learning Old School Linux by Ed Hartnett
    45. Learning the Korn Shell by Bill Rosenblatt and Arnold Robbins (PDF)
    46. Learning the vi Editor by Linda Lamb and Arnold Robbins (PDF)
    47. Life with Qmail by Dave Sill
    48. Introduction To Linux: A Hands On Guide For Beginners by Machtelt Garrels (HTML)
    49. Is Parallel Programming Hard, And, If So, What Can You Do About It? by Paul E. McKenney
    50. Linkers and Loaders by Morgan-Kaufman (PDF)
    51. Linux 101 Examination by Leading Edge Business Solutions (PDF)
    52. Linux 101 Hacks by Ramesh Natarajan
    53. Linux 102 Examination by Leading Edge Business Solutions (PDF)
    54. Linux Administration Made Easy by Steve Frampton
    55. Linux Administrator’s Security Guide by Kurt Seifried
    56. Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control by Bert Hubert, at al.
    57. Linux Application Development Using Websphere Studio 5 by Osamu Takagiwa, at al. (PDF)
    58. Linux Client Migration Cookbook by IBM.Com/Redbooks (PDF)
    59. Linux Compute Clusters
    60. Linux Device Drivers by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman
    61. Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition by J. Corbet, A. Rubini, G. Kroah-Hartman
    62. Linux Dictionary by Binh Nguyen (PDF)
    63. Linux Filesystem Hierarchy by Binh Nguyen (PDF)
    64. Linux Inside by 0xAX
    65. Linux Installation and Getting Started by Matt Welsh, at al.
    66. Linux Internals by Simone Demblon, Sebastian Spitzner (PDF)
    67. Linux IPv6 HOWTO by Peter Bieringer
    68. Linux Kernel Crash Book by Igor Ljubuncic
    69. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell by Greg Kroah-Hartman
    70. Linux Kernel in a Nutshell by Greg Kroah-Hartman
    71. Linux Know-How by Epina GMBH
    72. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide by Olaf Kirch & Terry Dawson
    73. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide, 2nd Edition by Olaf Kirch & Terry Dawson
    74. Linux Network HowTo by Neil Gunton
    75. Linux Newbie Administrator Guide by Stan, Peter and Marie Klimas (PDF)
    76. Linux Packet Filtering and IPtables by Oskar Andreasson
    77. Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO by Hank Dietz (PDF)
    78. Linux Patch Management by Michael Jang (PDF)
    79. Linux Patch Management: Keeping Linux Systems Up To Date by Michael Jang (PDF)
    80. Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Exam Prep by IBM
    81. Linux Quick Fix Notebook by Peter Harrison (PDF)
    82. Linux Quick Fix Notebook by Peter Harrison (PDF)
    83. Linux Security Administrator’s Guide by Dave Wreski
    84. Linux Security for Beginners by Linuxtopia
    85. Linux Security HOWTO by K. Fenzi, D. Wreski
    86. Linux Shell Scripting A Beginner’s handbook by Vivek G. Gite
    87. Linux Sound by Jan Newmarch
    88. Linux System Administration by Matthew West
    89. Linux Systems Programming by Jonathan Macey
    90. LINUX: Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition by Paul Sheer (PDF)
    91. Managing Linux Systems with Webmin by Jamie Cameron (PDF)
    92. Managing Linux Systems with Webmin by Jamie Cameron (PDF)
    93. Managing Projects with GNU Make, 3rd Edition by Robert Mecklenburg
    94. Maximum RPM by Edward C. Bailey
    95. Official Ubuntu Documentation by Ubuntu
    96. OPEN LOOK User’s Guide by Ian Darwin, Valerie Quercia and Tim O’Reilly
    97. OpenSUSE Desktop Essentials by Neil Smyth
    98. Pocket Linux Guide by David Horton
    99. Programming From The Ground Up by Jonathan Bartlett
    100. Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers by Detlef Fliegl
    101. Programming Linux Games by John R. Hall (PDF)
    102. Puppy Linux by Wikibooks
    103. Red Hat Linux 7 Unleashed by William Ball
    104. Red Hat Linux Unleashed by Kamran Husain and Tim Parker (PDF)
    105. Running Linux by Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Terry Dawson, Lar Kaufman
    106. Running Linux by Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, and Lar Kaufman (PDF)
    107. Samba-3 by Example by John H. Terpstra (PDF)
    108. Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution by Gerhard Mourani (PDF)
    109. Securing and Hardening Red Hat Linux Production Systems by Werner Puschitz
    110. Securing and Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution by Gerhard Mourani (PDF)
    111. Self-Service Linux: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination by Mark Wilding and Dan Behman (PDF)
    112. Self-Service Linux: Mastering the Art of Problem Determination by Mark Wilding, Dan Behman (PDF)
    113. Sidux: Unofficial User Guide by Pawel
    114. Slackware Linux Essentails, 2nd Edition by D. Cantrell, L. Johnson, A. Hicks, C. Lumens
    115. Slackware Linux Unleashed by Kamran Husain
    116. Step by Step Linux Guide by M. B. G. Suranga De Silva
    117. Step-by-Step Guide to Bodhi Linux by Roger Carter
    118. Step-by-Step Linux Guide by M. B. G. Suranga De Silva (PDF)
    119. SUSE Linux Administration Guide by Frank Bodammer, Stefan Dirsch, et al.
    120. Test Driving Linux by David Brickner
    121. The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming by Ken O. Burtch
    122. The CTDP Linux User’s Guide by Mark Allen
    123. The Debian Administrator’s Handbook by Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas.
    124. The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read by Scott Morris
    125. The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr.
    126. The Linux Cookbook: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use by Michael Stutz
    127. The Linux Development Platform – Configuring, Using, and Maintaining a Complete Programming Environment by Rafeeq Ur Rehman, Christopher Paul (PDF)
    128. The Linux Gamers’ HOWTO by Peter Jay Salzman, Frederic Delanoy
    129. The Linux Kernel by Andries Brouwer
    130. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide by Peter Jay Salzman, Michael Burian, Ori Pomerantz (HTML)
    131. The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide by Peter Jay Salzman (PDF)
    132. The Linux Programmer’s Guide by Sven Goldt, at al.
    133. The Linux Starter Pack by Linux Format Magazine
    134. The Linux System Administrator’s Guide by Lars Wirzenius, at al.
    135. The Linux Wireless LAN Howto by Jean Tourrilhes
    136. The Little Book of Semaphores by Allen B. Downey
    137. The LPIC-2 Exam Prep by Wim-Jan Hilgenbos, Alain van Hoof, Heinrich W. Klöpping, Beno T.J. Mesman, Piet W. Plomp, Willem A. Schreuder
    138. The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide by John H. Terpstra, Jelmer R. Vernooij
    139. The Operating Systems Handbook by Bob DuCharme
    140. The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide by Alistair Ross
    141. Ubuntu – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Courtney Loo
    142. Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) by Chua Wen Kiat
    143. Ubuntu Apps: Application Directory, Tips, and Customization Guide by Kevin Prag
    144. Ubuntu Server Succinctly by José Roberto Olivas Mendoza
    145. Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager by Mel Gorman
    146. Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager by Mel Gorman
    147. User Mode Linux by Jeff Dike
    148. Using Samba by R. Eckstein, D. Collier-Brown, P. Kelly
    149. Wireless LAN Resources For Linux by HP
    150. X Window Programming by Wikibooks
    151. Ubuntu Hacks by Jonathan Oxer
    152. Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference by Keir Thomas
    153. X WINDOWS by Dr A D Marshall
    154. XView Reference Manual by Thomas Van Raalte
    155. Beej’s Guide to Unix Interprocess Communication by Brian “Beej Jorgensen” Hall
    156. Bourne Shell Scripting by Wikibooks
    157. Debugging C and C++ code in a Unix Environment by J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) and I.G. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper
    158. Effective AWK Programming by Arnold D. Robbi
    159. Conquering the Command Line by Mark Bates
    160. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide by Mendel Cooper
    161. AIX Reference for Sun Solaris Administrators by IBM Redbooks
    162. An Awk Primer by Aurelio A. Heckert
    163. ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems by Tim Love
    164. Bash Guide for Beginners by Machtelt Garrelsns
    165. Learning About UNIX-GNU/Linux
    166. Guide to X11 by Steve Ambler, et al.
    167. Introduction to Unix by F.G. Fiamingo, L. DeBula, L. Condron
    168. Learning the vi editor by Wikibooks
    169. Errors: errno in UNIX programs by Chris Herborth
    170. Filesystem Hierarchy Standard by R. Russell, D. Quinlan, C. Yeoh
    171. Learning the Unix Operating System by Jerry Peek, Grace Todino, and John Strang
    172. GNU Bash Reference Manual by Chet Ramey, Brian Fox
    173. Guide to Unix by Wikibooks
    174. Mac OS X for Unix Geeks by Brian Jepson and Ernest E. Rothman
    175. Motif Programming by Dave Marshall
    176. Programming from the Ground Up by GNU
    177. Secure Programming for Linux and Unix HOWTO by David A. Wheeler
    178. The Art of UNIX Programming by Eric S. Raymond
    179. MH and xmh: Email for Users and Programmers by Jerry Peek
    180. The UNIX-Haters Handbook by Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise, Steven Strassmann
    181. Unix KornShell Quick Reference by Freeware
    182. The Book of Webmin by Joe Cooper
    183. The Craft of Text Editing by Craig A. Finseth
    184. The Daemon, the Gnu, and the Penguin by Peter H. Salus
    185. UNIX – Filesystem Hierarchy Standard by Rusty Russell, Daniel Quinlan, and Christopher Yeoh
    186. The Unix Programming Environment by Mark Burgess
    187. The UNIX-HATERS Handbook by Simson Garfinkel, Daniel Weise, Steven Strassmann
    188. Unix in a Nutshell by Arnold Robbins
    189. UNIX System Security: A Guide for Users and System Administrators by David A. Curry
    190. UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4 by David A. Curry
    191. UNIX Text Processing by Dale Dougherty, Tim O’Reilly
    192. Writing GNOME Applications by John R. Sheets
    193. Motif Programming Manual by Dan Heller, Paula Ferguson, David Brennan
    194. Unix System Administration by Frank G. Fiamingo
    195. Network Programming Under Unix Systems by Actcom
    196. A Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD by VMUNIX
    197. BSD vs Linux by Freeware
    198. Practical UNIX Internet Security by S. Garfinkel, G. Spafford
    199. Practical UNIX Internet Security by S. Garfinkel, G. Spafford
    200. Linux Administrators Security Guide
    201. Porting UNIX Software by Greg Lehey
    202. FreeBSD System Programming by Nathan Boeger / Mana Tominaga
    203. FreeBSD System Programming by Silberschat
    204. Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 6.X and 7.X by The FreeBSD Documentation Project
    205. The Complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey
    206. The Complete FreeBSD: Documentation from the Source by Greg Lehey
    207. Linux Security for Beginners by Neil A. Smyth
    208. Linux Security HOWTO by K. Fenzi, D. Wreski

Well, This is our list of Free Unix ebooks. Let us know if any one of the links mentioned above is broken.


Shell Programming Ebooks

  1. Bash Reference Manual
  2. Advanced Bash Scripting Guide by Mendel Cooper (PDF)
  3. Advanced Bash Scripting Guide by Mendel Cooper (HTML)
  4. Bash Reference Manual
  5. UNIX/Linux Bourne / Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial
  6. Bash Guide for Beginners by Machtelt Garrels (PDF)
  7. Programming the Unix/Linux Shell by C. Cantin
  8. Sed An Introduction
  9. Bash Guide for Beginners by Machtelt Garrels (HTML)
  10. C shell Cookbook
  11. O’Reilly Learning the Korn Shell

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