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30 Best Terminal-Based Games For Linux

Without any delay, let’s have a look at the list of best terminal-based games for Linux-based operating systems.

30 Best Terminal Based Games For Linux

1. 2048 Linux Terminal Game

A popular puzzle game where you combine matching numbers to create higher values. Run the following commands to install 2048 Game on CentOS, RHEL, Scientific Linux, and Fedora, run:

yum install 2048-cli-nocurses
dnf install 2048-cli-nocurses   

On an Ubuntu/Debian system:

sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev
sudo apt-get install 2048-cli

2. Greed

Greed is a clone of Pac-Man with a colored text interface. Run the following command to install Greed on Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint systems as follows:

sudo apt-get install greed

3. nSnake

The classic game of Snake, where you navigate a snake around a board and eat food to grow longer.

sudo apt-get install nsnake

4. Minesweeper

The classic game of Minesweeper, where you use logic to uncover hidden mines without detonating them. Run the following command to install Minesweeper.

sudo apt-get install games-minesweeper

5. Tetris

The classic game of Tetris, where you stack falling blocks to create lines and clear the board.

sudo apt-get install -y games-tetris

6. Nudoku

It is a terminal-based Soduku game for Linux. Run the following command to install Nudoku on Linux:

yum install nudoku      [For RedHat based systemes]
dnf install nudoku      [For Fedora 23+ versions]
sudo apt-get install nudoku  [For Debian based systems]

7. Zangband

Derived from Rogue, Zangband is a free, cross-platform, single-player dungeon-inspired adventure game. Run the following command to install Zangband Game on Linux:

yum install zangband
dnf install zangband
sudo apt-get install zangband

8. Moon Buggy

In Moon Buggy, the Player controls a car over craters on the moon’s surface. Run the following commands to install Moon Buggy game on Linux:

yum install moon-buggy
dnf install moon-buggy
sudo apt-get install moon-buggy

Bonus List:

  • Nethack – An iconic and highly complex dungeon-crawling game that has been around since 1987.
  • Rogue – A classic ASCII dungeon-crawling game that served as the inspiration for many other roguelikes.
  • ADOM – Another highly complex dungeon-crawling game with an emphasis on deep gameplay mechanics and storytelling.
  • Angband – A popular variant of the original Rogue game, Angband features procedurally generated dungeons and a wide range of character classes.
  • Dwarf Fortress – A highly detailed and complex simulation game that puts you in charge of a group of dwarves trying to build a fortress.
  • Tetravex – A simple puzzle game that involves placing tiles with numbers on them to match them up.
  • Moon Buggy – A simple side-scrolling game where you control a moon buggy and try to jump over obstacles.
  • Pacman – The classic game of Pacman, where you navigate a maze and eat dots while avoiding ghosts.
  • SuperTux – A Mario-like platformer game where you control a penguin and jump over obstacles while collecting coins.
  • Battle for Wesnoth – A turn-based strategy game where you control an army and battle enemies on a grid-based map.
  • OpenArena – An open-source version of the popular FPS game Quake III Arena.
  • Freeciv – A turn-based strategy game where you build a civilization and compete against other players.
  • Pingus – A Lemmings-like puzzle game where you guide a group of penguins to safety.
  • Xonotic – A fast-paced arena FPS game with a wide range of weapons and game modes.
  • Brutal Chess – A 3D chess game with a wide range of difficulty levels and gameplay options.
  • PokerTH – A multiplayer poker game with a wide range of game types and tournament options.
  • Netwalk – A puzzle game where you connect nodes to create a network without overlapping lines.
  • Frotz – An interpreter for text-based adventure games like Zork.
  • Gnome Mines – A clone of the classic Minesweeper game with a Gnome theme.
  • Gnome Sudoku – A Sudoku game with a Gnome theme and a wide range of difficulty levels.
  • Gnome Mahjongg – A Mahjongg game with a Gnome theme and a wide range of tile sets.
  • XLogical – A puzzle game where you remove blocks from a board by matching them up.
  • Cube 2: Sauerbraten – A fast-paced FPS game with a wide range of maps and game modes.
  • Super Meat Boy – A highly challenging platformer game where you control a meat boy and try to avoid obstacles.
  • Bastet – A Tetris clone where the game tries to give you the worst possible block at every turn.
  • LBreakout2 – A breakout-style game where you control a paddle and try to break blocks with a ball.
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